Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please vote for me in the BHG magazine,

I had no idea I would be selected or I would have really decorated. Here's the link to
vote for me. You can vote everday.

Thank you so VERY much!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finished studio/Office and a Hello to My Mom!

I know, I know.... It's been forevah since my last post.
I've been working 40 hours a week (I'm dying ovah here).
Before I post my 90% percent finished Studio pics, I wanted
to say hello to my Mom. HIYA MOM! I bet she has looked
at my blog 50 times since yesterday morning. I told her I was
going to post the pics early yesterday. LOL, I'm always late.
Ok, Here's what I've been doing besides working and re-arranging
my whole house.

Do you see the small antique gloves? I love them!

This is my Granddaughter's drawer. (shelly, notice all the flowers)

Another one of Ava's drawers.

I will try and get some close ups of all the things, I have on
the wall. When I was taking pictures My Oldest Son came
over, then my Middle son came over, so I just left my space.

I will try and get a weekly post going again, I'm sorry it took
so long to post. I have missed everyone!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Winner Is....

Random Number: 19

It's so Very Cheri! Congrats Cheri!! Please email me your
address and I will mail your box. Email me at Dianescottage@aol.com
and put Blog winner in the subject line.

 Thank you to all my followers! I wanted to share
 some pictures I took while visiting my Parents and
Sister. My first photo lessons from my Sister, Shelly.

My Sister is a good teacher, I love these pictures!

I hope everyone has an awesome week!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finished project, Pumpkin Patch, and a Giveaway!

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ll try to go in order. I finally finished my mantel!

I went to visit my Family, My Sister took us to

the coolest Pumpkin Patch. She also gave me

photography lessons, which I really needed!

I finally have my giveaway box ready to go!

So… Here’s the pictures from my visit and

my giveaway box. I took over 700 pictures

Here are some of my favorites, I will put my

photography pictures up Sunday when I announce

the winner. I will draw the name Sunday the 24th

@ 6:00 central time. Good luck! If you have

not followed me yet, you have until Sunday : )

Having fun.

I just had to take this picture.

My Dad



My Mom waiting for the girls to come out of the corn maze.

Landri my niece.

My Sister, Ava, and Landri.

Ava followed Landri everywhere.

Landri and Ava dancing up a storm.

My niece Logan

This was taken right before my Parents took us all to dinner.

My Sister's beautiful back yard. I LOVE this barn!

In the car coming back home.

This is the giveaway box!

Holiday tags in a vintage cigar box.

Vintage Bracelet great for winter colors.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday at the Flea Market...

Bussey's Flea Market
18738 I.H. 35 N.
Schertz, TX 78154
(210) 651-6830

I met Fifi the owner of Booth 365, She is the sweetest
little Lady. She has awesome vintage and Antique items.
Her prices were just as awesome as her treasures. I
bought the cutest Antique purse with a wooden bottom.
If you live around the San Antonio area and love
vintage items and are on a budget, she's is where you need
to go!

This is just one picture of her vintage items. I so wish I had
taken more pictures, but there were a few customers holding
items in their hands, wanting to ask questions, and I did not
want to take up her time. She has the cutest vintage gloves,
if they are still there when I go back, I'm buying them!

These next pictures are from another sweet Lady named
Linelle. She has the sweet pea cottage, and also has
the shop at Wimberely, Texas. Most Texas Folks know
of Wimberley. She is at booth 179 in wimberly across
from the ice cream shop. You will fall in love with her.

More of Sweet Pea Cottage at Bussey's. LOVED,
LOVED her stuff.

Linelle (sweet pea Cottage) is at both 20,21, and 22 @ Bussey's.

My BEAUTIFUL purse I bought from FiFi! I LOVE IT!
It has a wooden bottom and as in MINT condition! It was
only $20.00!! You need to visit these two wonderful Ladies!

The back of the purse.

I bought this little box from another vendor for $5.00.

OK, back to my fall decorating. I'm so behind! Petra your
goodie bag was sent this AM, thanks again
for being my 100th follower!