Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painted Furniture for a sweet little girl

Hello sweet friends,

I've been painting some furniture for my sweet little Ava's
room. Her Mother is redecorating her room and Ava picked
pink and zebra print. I'm still painting an antique twin sleigh
bed that will go with the furniture. Here are the pictures of
her desk/vanity and her nightstand.
I'm linking this up to Clydia's link party...

Go here:
to join the fun and see some amazing decor items!

I lined the drawers wth this beautiful print.

I also made her a sign to match her bed set.

I'm working on a few antiques for my store and hope
to have them up Tuesday morning. I will also post pictures
of Ava's bed as soon as I have that finished as well.

Thanks for looking at my blog!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shabby chic nightstands

I have two pieces of furniture done! I still
have three more pieces to finish and still
need to pick up the GORGEOUS antiques
I bought a couple of weeks ago. Here's
the finished pieces. You can buy them
thru my etsy store or locally in San Antonio!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chasing my tail

Have you ever had one of those days where you

busted your buttah all day long to get nowhere?

Well, that’s what happened to me all day! I have

been painting for days trying to get 7 pieces of

furniture ready to sell. I went to glaze them late

last night and noticed all these tiny squiggly pieces

of thread all over the furniture. Home depot was

out of the rollers I use, so I bought some other kind.

Big…Big mistake! I have spend all day re-sanding

all that furniture to get rid of those squiggly threads!

I decided to take a break from that as I was a little

(a lot) peeved and needed to back away. I started

priming boards to make some chalkboards

for some antique frames. I get them all primed

and go to grab my chalkboard

paint and it’s the WRONG kind! I grabbed the

tintable can (sigh). I think I’m going to call it a

day and sketch some new designs… Here’s a

few pictures of what I painted and have to REDO!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cedar Hill Ranch and The Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Yes, that's right... A GIVEAWAY! A really good GIVEAWAY!
A vintage dress by shabby apple! You will need to go to the
Cedar Hill ranch to sign up. Here's the details and links:

The shabby apple

Cedar Hill Ranch

Here is the link to Cedar Hill Ranch:

Anita is the owner of Cedar Hill Ranch and
has all the info to win a FABULOUS DRESS
by The Shabby Apple!

 Take the time to read Anita's profile!
What an amazing woman she is and
so talented! I can't wait to get to know her,
I will be a daily reader on her blog!