Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crafting with Ava


I had my Granddaughter on Friday. We decided to
make her a paper bag Princess book.

                                   I was busy punching holes in the bags
                                and looked up, and she had taped her mouth shut!
                                                  She is a HOOT!

                                     Here she is holding her book to show
                                       everyone how pretty her book is.

                               LOL, She hid her face as she had already
                                   told me "Mimi, no more pictures,
                                          it's barbie time now."

                              I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New blog on the block

There is a new blog on the block! I am so excited as it is my sister Shelly, she is a
fabulous photographer and baker. You will love her pictures and cupcakes. Just a
quick warning,  YOU will need *sugar* fix after taking a peek around her blog. Make
sure you scroll down to see her sunflowers in front of her barn. Have a happy forth
 of July! Just in case you missed the link to her blog:

Thanks! : )

My Little Princess

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