Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday at the Flea Market...

Bussey's Flea Market
18738 I.H. 35 N.
Schertz, TX 78154
(210) 651-6830

I met Fifi the owner of Booth 365, She is the sweetest
little Lady. She has awesome vintage and Antique items.
Her prices were just as awesome as her treasures. I
bought the cutest Antique purse with a wooden bottom.
If you live around the San Antonio area and love
vintage items and are on a budget, she's is where you need
to go!

This is just one picture of her vintage items. I so wish I had
taken more pictures, but there were a few customers holding
items in their hands, wanting to ask questions, and I did not
want to take up her time. She has the cutest vintage gloves,
if they are still there when I go back, I'm buying them!

These next pictures are from another sweet Lady named
Linelle. She has the sweet pea cottage, and also has
the shop at Wimberely, Texas. Most Texas Folks know
of Wimberley. She is at booth 179 in wimberly across
from the ice cream shop. You will fall in love with her.

More of Sweet Pea Cottage at Bussey's. LOVED,
LOVED her stuff.

Linelle (sweet pea Cottage) is at both 20,21, and 22 @ Bussey's.

My BEAUTIFUL purse I bought from FiFi! I LOVE IT!
It has a wooden bottom and as in MINT condition! It was
only $20.00!! You need to visit these two wonderful Ladies!

The back of the purse.

I bought this little box from another vendor for $5.00.

OK, back to my fall decorating. I'm so behind! Petra your
goodie bag was sent this AM, thanks again
for being my 100th follower!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My 100th follower and a sneak peak!

I am so excited about my 100th follower! Petra, thaank you
so much for being my 100th follower! If you will email me
your address @, I will send you
a THANK YOU box. I will get it in the mail by Monday
the 27th. To all my followers, I will do a drawing some
time in the next two weeks and send a thank you box
to the winner. If you haven't followed me yet, you still
have time. I will include all new followers up until the
day I hold the drawing. I am feeling the blog LOVE!

OK... A sneak peak of my fall project:

First I had to pick up all Ava's crafts

Yup, it's on the floor as well.

My before picture. For someone who loves color
                                       it's pretty dull. See the dirty mirror?

I took everything down. A nice clean slate.

See those frames? I bought one for 50 cents at
 estate sale, and the other at goodwill for 25 cents.

While I was outside painting my frames, I seen
some branches and thought of an idea.

See those blocks I took off the mantle?

 Here they are with the sticks.

Then I went digging in my stuff.

Another bargain at an estate sale!

It's a pumpkin made out of blocks. I'm going to
                                   make four for F-A-L-L. Do you see the picture
                                 in the back ground? Yup, that's my 25 cent frame.

Here's my 50 cent frame. I don't know if I will keep
                                              this one, I may change it to a leaf.

                        I'm going to have to pick all this stuff up tonight
                       as my little Ava will be here at 7 AM! I won't be
                       working on my fall project tomorrow. If I left it
                          out, everything would be taped together!

                                 I hope to have everything done by next weekend!

                                              Thank you to all my followers!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Decorating...

I was checking out Pottery Barn for fall Decor idea's. Here are some of their pictures:

I like their idea's, but I need more color and drama. I have
 some idea's in my head and will post my before and after
 pictures as soon as I can complete my projects.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I just had to do it!

How could I NOT post these pictures. I just love
my little Ava so much. She brings such joy to my
heart. You never know what she's going to say next.
The other day we were cooking in the kitchen and Papa
kept turning the TV up real loud, teasing her. I kept
sayng "Paul, enough" She then looks at me and says
"Mimi, your not my Mimi, You're my Mom" she then
picks up an old cell phone she was playing with earlier
and proceeds to make a call. She then says in the
cell phone "Mimi, come pick up your husband" I
laughed so hard. She says the funniest things!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayers Needed

My Father in law had a stroke Friday August 27th and we could
use your prayers. We are hoping for a full recovery. You can follow
his progress at Thank you so much.