Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a Party!

Christina and her Mom, Barbara.

My niece, Christina turned 21! Woohoo, what a fun age!
She is in college and will be a dentist. We're all so proud
of her. She does so many things for her Sorority. It's
amazing how she can do so much while keeping her
grades up. Kudo's to her and her Sorority. Here's
some pics of her B-day party.

She wanted a dog for her Birthday.
Her Mom bought her this faux dog
as she thought it would be easier
for her to take care of. LOL, Christina,
wanted a real one! It looked real to me.
I need to ask to see if she takes it out
to go potty. Did you notice how handsome
her boyfriend is? he looks like a soap
opera stud!

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