Monday, November 23, 2009

Susan Boyle's album is out!

Susan Boyle's CD is out today! I cry every time
I hear the clip of her singing wild horses. I cannot wait to
hear this playing in my studio.


Anonymous said...

She is amazing! I had no idea she had an album out, thanks.


Libbie said...

Good to know! Would make a cool Christmas present! I wish she had a Christmas album. I could use her this weekend blaring out of my speakers as I decorate!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

OK, Susan Boyle, I met a friend in a little shop I love to go to, "Just a Bed of Roses", in Farmington Utah today. I'm having a beautiful morning - I open the door - see my dear friends - start getting the goose bumps - clutch my heart - tears start falling down my face - Susan Boyle - Wild Horses was playing. I could hardly shop. I had to get that CD. I crabed my friend and we went to Wallmart to buy Susan Boyle. Then we went back to "Just a Bed of Roses" and finished our shopping. I'm home now in my sewing room, listening to my new friend Susan and commenting to my new friend Diane. Life doesn't get any better. UNLESS I had one of your tiny fairy's sitting right next to my Susan Boyle CD jacket.

This Sunday evening between 6 and 8 o/clock sometime on Tv there will be a show about her life. I'll have to find the channel

Angle wing hugs