Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I just wanted to pop on and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
I love you so much and wish I could be there with you!

My Mom doing the zip line in Alaska


Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

Hi Diane!
I'm glad I found you, too! Your mom is amazing, girlfriend?!!!! She is my HERO! Whoaa! If only I had the guts to do this! Tell her that I think she is phenomenal. The zip line...Well, I'm gonna' have to start slowly. Maybe, bungee jumping, first;-) Much Love!

P.S. I really like that night stand that you finished! I'll be checking in, from now-on. Blessings!

TamsJewelry said...

Wow she is awesome! I love your blog and looks like we live less than an hour away from each other8) Happy Valentines day!!Nice night stand!!!

Lorraine said...

Wow that is wonderful, what a woman! Happy Birthday Diane's mom

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Mom! I'm so grateful for our trip to Alaska! It was a trip all of us will never forget!! Thanks for posting this Diane and I love the night stands!

Susan said...

Hello Diane...Just wanted to say thanks for your visit and comment to my blog. Always happy to see you have visited. Take care and have a nice Valentine's Day. Susan

Diane said...

LOL, She is VERY BRAVE! My Sister, her husband, and my neice went as well. I'm a scardee cat, si is my Dad. While they were doing the zip line my Dad and I went digging for gold. It was much safer. LOL I will be checking all your blogs tomorrow.