Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

Last night, I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. I started thinking, what could I put
on my blog today? As if, anyone reads it (smile). One day someone will find my blog,
I just know it! Any who, back to the topic. I started thinking about my boys, who by the way,
are all grown up now (so to speak). I thought about the funny things they use to say when they were little. I have three boys, very active boys at that! They were all over the place! My
middle one, Ryan, couldn't sit still for all the money in the world. I would always say,
"calm down guys, your making me nervous and giving me a headache" I would say
that quite often. One day my youngest one, Mikey, came to me holding his head and
said "Mom, I have a nerbous". That is how he said headache, LOL, I just knew he
got that from me! Yes, he said nerbous because he was about three years old.
What's the funniest thing one of your children have said to you? I will add more
later, as I have to do that yucky word "work".

~xo Diane


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it really is cute.



terrimorse said...

Hi Diane! Thanks for visiting Comfort Cottage. I'm so excited that somebody noticed. I love your blog design. It's so cheerful! Your post got me to thinking about something that was both funny and touching. Years ago, my husband told me he overheard my son telling a friend, "My Mom's an artist. She can do anything." I'm glad he thought so. These days, my now seventeen-year-old is telling me how he can help me decipher the html code for my blog. My, how things change! See you soon!