Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sneak peak and Pre-K fun

Here's a sneak peak of what will be going in my shop soon!

I spent the day with my Granddaughter Friday for her Pre-K
field day. We had a picnic with her class and the fun began!


Shelly said...

The furniture looks great!You've obviously been working really hard!
I love seeing puctures of Ava at school. It looks like she had a great time. It's so nice of you to go!

Diane said...

Thank you, Shelly! We had a blast with her and her classmates. She is so funny, there was a little boy named Logan who sat down on our blanket during the picnic. He told me he hit the ball so hard in baseball that it went to germany and came back. I looked at him and said, Really? He said "yes, for real" Ava lokked at me and said "He lies". LOLOL! She is a hoot!!

Susan said...

Hi Diane...Love what you are doing with the furniture. The kids' photos are super, too. Nice job! Looks like they were having lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Diane said...

Thank you, Susan! They did have a blast as did I!