Friday, April 6, 2012

Shabby chic dresser and headboard


   I have finally finished the dresser and headboard. I'm
still working on the cutest shabby chic table and chairs.
I so wish I could have left the table as it was when I
purchased it, but it has so many huge paint runs down
the sides. It was the best shabby chic paint! It's also
missing three appiques so I made my first ever mold
so I can replace the missing ones. I need to mix the
wood putty and get those going. I'm putting the table
on the back burner as both the chairs need work as well.
My next projects are going to be AWESOME! I bought
two antique carved church pews and an old chalkboard
that is huge and hangs on a wall. The pews and chalkboard
came out of a church in Texas. I will include pictures under
the dresser and headboard. I wish everyone a Happy Easter!


Susan said...

Wow, Diane. You've been a busy bee! Love that piece of furniture with the little mirror. Great job!

Good luck with all your projects.

Hope you have a most blessed Easter. Susan

Diane said...

Thank you, Susan. Youre a sweetie!

jabroon piece said...

oak dresser
This dresser color is awesome!you have such a creative mind. tables designs are super cool. it seems to me, you are so talented. i am so happy to see your blog.