Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am over the moon with excitment!

 Hello Everyone!

  Have any of you ever had someone that has been
an inspiration or idol to you visit your blog? Well, that
just happened to me in my last blog post! For us older
bloggers, designers, and artist we have been doing the
shabby chic and distressed look for many years, I don't
really want to date myself so I'll say a little more than
ten years. When I hear the word shabby chic two people
come to my mind, Rachel Ashwell and Christie Repasy.
It was Christie who inspired me when it came to that
kind of design. I love roses and old things, and when I
picked up my first Romantic Homes magazine (over ten
years ago) it spoke to me and I bought it! I fell in love
with her and the shabby chic style, I looked at that magazine
everyday for months, years. I saved it and went to go find
it so I could scan the cover and her story inside but I can't
find it, I think it's in the stack that's in my buffet which
has a bunch of furniture I bought last weekend at an estate
sale and a few other places. Anywho, I found her on
pinterset, then the next day I found her blog... I was so
excited to see her name and to see what she's been up to
as of late. I was so excited to find her and posted in her blog,
how excited I was to have found her and that I have been
a fan for years. Never in a million years would I think she
would come visit little ol' me! How cool if that! If you
don't know who she is here is her blog: and she is also on
pinterest. She also has a website so you can see her paintings I have never seen anyone paint
roses like she does, her work is one of a kind. I can spot a
Chrisie Repasy painting with my eyes squished. LOL

I also wanted to update you on the things I found and will
be in my shop soon. I'm finishing up a custom order now,
and will start painting and getting furniture and chalkboards
back in my store. I also want to thank all my customers who
buy my furniture and chalkboards as fast as I can paint them.
You guys ROCK!!!

I guess I should have done a little editing on the pictures first. I left out
quite a few things. The antique mail sorter I'm keeping so that will be
the last thing I finish (sigh). Have a great day and I will keep you updated
when the furniture and chalkboards hit my shop!

Much Love,


Susan said...

Hi Diane! Oh, so cool, cool, cool. It's wonderful for something like that to happen. Thanks for sharing.

Great finds, Diane. I'm sure you are going to turn them into something wonderful. Susan

Diane said...

Thank you, Susan. I am still so excited! You are such a doll, I love that you always visit me when I put up a new blog post. I'm going to start calling you "faithful Susan". heehee


LOVE that mail sorter!!!! What a great piece!